Springboard enhances its information security, thanks to Amentum and Cranfield Trust

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Springboard has completed a 12-month project to ensure our information security practices are well suited to the evolving security challenges in 2023 and beyond. Working with defence contractor Amentum, organised through Cranfield Trust, the project saw our team restructure policy, create and complete bespoke training for the entire team and upgrade hardware and systems.

Leading the project for Springboard, Head of Digital Development, Ted Blackwell said “Springboard set out to secure expert assistance in improving our Information Security position and Jonathan and Jemma’s knowledge of both ISO27001 and the information security landscape has helped us to both align to, and mature within, the ISO27001 framework.

Many thanks to both the team at Amentum and the Cranfield Trust for their support in delivering this project. Amentum’s concise professional guidance, delivered in a friendly environment, challenged us to improve our information security, while also protecting the organisation. Springboard will continue to improve on our journey to align our Information Security to the ISO27001 international standard, with a fantastic start made.

Amentum‘s UK and International sector CISO, Jon Cornish noted that “The commitment and investment demonstrated by Springboard and in particular its CEO, Chris Gamm and Head of Digital Development, Ted Blackwell, really stood out to us. Springboard demonstrated its passion and determination to raise standards and commit to its Data Protection and Information Security programme.

Throughout the project Springboard made it clear that they want to be best placed to meet and maintain their obligations, protect their people, organisation, valuable assets and important work within the charitable sector.

Published: 3rd January 2024

Last edited: 4th January 2024