Core Impact are proud Springboard Ambassadors

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Here’s what Core Impact had to say after attending one of our programmes:

“We had the pleasure of supporting the delivery of Springboard’s Employability Programme. We are proud ambassadors of Springboard and know the excellent work the team do, but this programme really showcased all of the best aspects of this work in one go. 

The programme itself offers a broad range of experiences of the hospitality industry, opening up many options to the trainees. It’s educational, fun and inspiring. They truly went over and above the expectations to ensure this was a positive experience for the trainees. They offer a very personal and caring approach to support and build the confidence of each individual.

We really enjoyed our participation in this programme and we could see in the room the change over a short period of time of each person in attendance. They felt safe to share their challenges and discuss their progress, they were able to consider their options and make decisions on their future. In the end it was amazing to hear the success stories and the employment opportunities that opened up to them, opportunities they would never have had without this programme.”

Published: 30th August 2022

Last edited: 5th September 2022