Springboard sits down with one of first Springboard FutureChef competitors – Michelin star chef, Graeme Cheevers!

Springboard Programme: FutureChef National Final

Region: Glasgow, Scotland

Year: 2003

We sat down with one of the first ever Springboard FutureChef competitors, Michelin star chef, Graeme Cheevers; Graeme is the first FutureChef Alumni to receive a Michelin Star at his exquisite Glasgow restaurant UNALOME, which has been open for less than a year and he earned the prestigious accolade within just 8 months.

Back in 2003, 14-year-old Graeme Cheevers made it as far as the regional finals of  the Springboard FutureChef competition for Central and South Scotland. Graeme was inspired to pursue a career as a chef and was encouraged by his dad recognised his passion for cooking.

Graeme left school at 16, going on to study Food Technology at City of Glasgow College. His life as a student was short-lived, as he chose to embark on, what would become a very exciting culinary career, before graduating. Working in various kitchens in Glasgow and then New York, Graeme worked his way up the ranks over the years. He overcame the challenges of the pandemic, which proved to be a catalyst for him to open his own restaurant.

Quietly confident of his ability to earn a Michelin star, following his success in contributing to them in previous establishments, Graeme admits that a long-term goal of his, was to earn Glasgow’s first Michelin star. Having been just pipped to the post, Graeme is delighted to be one of the only two housed in Glasgow.

Graeme has commended the Springboard FutureChef programme for getting students into the kitchen at an early age, saying that it is vital for young people, not only as a life skill, but also to establish cooking as an early career option. Graeme added that “FutureChef is more important than ever these days, educating young individuals and giving them a chance to learn nutrition, creativity, and good food”. He believes that this will create a “better, healthier future for hospitality”. As FutureChef Alumni himself, Graeme shows his ongoing support for the programme as a FutureChef Champion, joining the esteemed ranks alongside Tom Kerridge, Monica Galetti and Michel Roux Jr.

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Published: 10th May 2022

Last edited: 10th May 2022