We held a Hospitality Takeover Day at Principality Stadium

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On Tuesday 9th May, we held a Hospitality Takeover Day unfolded at the iconic Principality Stadium. Compass Cymru, a leading hospitality provider, graciously hosted the event, welcoming 153 enthusiastic school students from eight different schools.

The day commenced with an inspiring opening speech from Mark Phillips, Head of Operations at Principality Stadium. His encouraging words urged the students to consider a career in the hospitality sector, setting the stage for an enlightening experience ahead. Barry Rotherham, representing Apprenticeships & Early Careers at Compass, introduced the organization and provided valuable insights into the vast array of career opportunities and apprenticeships available.

Exploring the industry:

Throughout the day, the students engaged in six captivating workshops meticulously designed and delivered by the Compass Cymru and Principality Stadium team. These workshops offered a diverse range of experiences, including a stadium tour that provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inner workings of this renowned venue. Students also got the chance to participate in activities like hospitality box setup, cupcake decorating, mocktail creation, retail role play, and marketing exercises. Each workshop host recognized a standout student from their session, rewarding them with a prize in acknowledgment of their exceptional participation.

As the day drew to a close, the students were invited to share their thoughts and experiences through a feedback survey. An impressive 121 surveys were completed, shedding light on the impact of the event on their perceptions and aspirations.

Results and Insights:

The survey results provided valuable insights into the impact of the Hospitality Takeover Day:

  1. Broadening Horizons: Before the event, only 11% of respondents had considered a career in hospitality and tourism. However, after attending the event, this number surged to an encouraging 49%, indicating a significant shift in their mindset.
  2. Positive Ratings: An overwhelming 84% of respondents rated the event as well worth attending, emphasizing the value they derived from the day’s activities.
  3. Industry Awareness: 53% of respondents mentioned that the event had altered their thoughts on the hospitality and tourism industry in some way, underlining the event’s power to shape perceptions and challenge preconceived notions.
  4. Increased Understanding: A remarkable 84% of respondents reported gaining a better understanding of the wide range of rewarding career opportunities available in the hospitality and tourism sectors, showcasing the event’s effectiveness in educating and inspiring the students.
  5. Engaging Workshops: The interactive workshops received high praise, with 97% of respondents rating them as “excellent” or “good,” highlighting their impact in providing hands-on experiences and igniting interest.
  6. Continued Interest: 89% of respondents expressed their eagerness to attend similar events in the future, indicating sustained engagement and interest in exploring further opportunities within the industry.

Published: 23rd May 2023

Last edited: 23rd May 2023