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A vibrant showcase of the hospitality industry with fundraising for the top UK hospitality charities

National Hospitality Day is set to take place on Friday, September 29th 2023, marking a significant occasion to honour our hospitality industry, while supporting vital charities. This annual celebration serves as a platform for venues and suppliers across the UK to host events, activities and offers, all with the aim of engaging customers and encouraging them to fundraise for five hospitality charities – The Springboard Charity, Hospitality Action, The Drinks Trust, the Licensed Trade Charity, and Only a Pavement Away.

As National Hospitality Day enters its third consecutive year, it has become a beacon of appreciation for the vibrant and diverse hospitality sector. This day brings together establishments, large and small, and the individuals who work in the industry, alongside suppliers and customers, united in their efforts to showcase the industry’s resilience, talent, and community spirit.

The event provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses in the hospitality industry to engage with their customers and create memorable experiences. Venues can organise unique events, from special themed menus and tastings to interactive workshops and party nights. Suppliers can also extend their support by offering exclusive deals or promotions for participating establishments and making donations.

Crucially, National Hospitality Day emphasizes the significance of fundraising for the UK’s leading hospitality charities. These organisations work tirelessly to provide essential support, guidance, and assistance to individuals, ensuring their well-being and promoting a brighter future. The Springboard Charity, Hospitality Action, The Drinks Trust, the Licensed Trade Charity, and Only a Pavement Away all play crucial roles in enhancing the lives of those within the hospitality sector or who are hoping to join the sector.

CEO of Springboard, Chris Gamm, said  “National Hospitality Day is an incredible opportunity for our industry to come together, celebrate our achievements, and support the charities that make a real difference in the lives of hospitality professionals. After the challenges faced by the industry over the past few years, it is more important than ever to showcase our fantastic hospitality businesses. We encourage venues, suppliers, and customers to join us in making this year’s celebration the best one yet.”

For more information on how to get involved, including ideas and resources, visit the National Hospitality Day website at https://www.nationalhospitalityday.org.uk/get-involved-2023.

Published: 10th July 2023

Last edited: 10th July 2023

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