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Hospitality Futures Heathrow Community Project Receives £20,000 cash boost from Heathrow Community Fund

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A community project set up to offer a route out of poverty and homelessness for young unemployed people living in and around the Heathrow area has received a £20,000 grant from Heathrow Community Fund.

The scheme, starting in January 2015, will deliver key lifestyle and employability skills, essential job search skills, practical industry orientation through structured visits, direct face to face access to employees already working in the industry, personal development opportunities, supported work experiences delivered to Springboard’s Quality Standard INSPIRE and job interviews with a view to securing sustainable employment. Once in employment, the project will deliver a six month aftercare mentoring service, it is this longer term intervention that makes the difference a young person needs to support them into long term, fulfilling career in the industry.

The organisation was awarded the donation under Heathrow Community Fund’s Communities for Youth grants programme.

“This programme will have a direct and lasting impact on the young people involved. It will educate, inspire and provide vital skills to help rebuild their lives and improve economic regeneration in the Heathrow area.” Dee Smith, Programmes Director, The Springboard Charity

Heathrow Community Fund is part of an independent grant-making charity set up by Heathrow’s owners to support and strengthen local communities close to the airport. In the past two years it has donated more than £1 million through three grant programmes, funding projects which support young people, help protect the environment and support active local communities. Funds come from an annual donation from the airport, donations from airline passengers and fines imposed on aircraft that breach noise limits.

More information about the fund and how to apply for grants is available on the website