News from 2013

GCSE Students Impress the Hilton

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GCSE hospitality students were treated to a demonstration and workshop by Chefs Daniel  and Thierry from the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. The workshops were over two separate days to allow all of the school students to participate.

Tuesday 8th November

The Chefs worked with the students to produce a fantastic dish of black pudding wrapped in Palma ham and a poached egg on a bed of lentils. At the end of the workshop the chef team declared Rosie’s dish to be the best, but they declared themselves very impressed with the standard of all the work, Daniel said “he would have been happy to serve the majority of the dishes at his restaurant”. 


Friday 11th November

Croque Madam was on the menu for this session, the chefs demonstrated the dish with a twist – crab and prawns, the students then produced their own versions served with a Greek salad. Darnell’s dish was voted to be the best by the chef team. Head Chef Daniel said “that he would love to return in 6 months to see how the budding chefs are developing”. All the students had very positive comments about the session, Jephie was so inspired that he said” he was going to try it at home”.