Peru 2016

Task: Provide sustainable energy to a remote Peruvian school
Funds Raised: Over £125,000

A team of 38 intrepid people from across the hospitality industry embarked on a 5 day trek through a remote area of the Andes in Peru, followed by community projects in three schools – installing solar panels, computer labs, completing greenhouse projects and educational activities.



When the Springboard trekkers went to Peru in March 2016, they volunteered at three schools and installed solar panels and computer labs, while also carrying out educational projects and digging out and preparing greenhouses for replanting. Our guide in Peru, Wilfredo Gibajo Tapia – lovingly known as Eddy – revisited the school to see how they were getting on. These photos show how the greenhouses are flourishing, and the community we helped are enjoying the fruits of their (and our) labours...

You can donate to future projects here through Walking Tree Peru: