Bateaux London - FutureChef Fundraiser

The FutureChef Banquet on Bateaux London was held on 8th June thanks to our fantastic sponsors Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events.

Springboard welcomed 130 hospitality professionals aboard the ‘Symphony’ cruise ship. Over the evening the cruise meandered along the River Thames whilst guests were hosted by Brian Turner CBE and enjoyed a fine four course meal.


Aboard the cruise four of London’s finest chefs were supported by FutureChef Alumni. Allan Pickett (Restaurant Piquet), Daniel Galmiche (Norwegian Seafood Council), Steve Munkley (Royal Garden Hotel) and Graham Hornigold (HKK Restaurant) each prepared exquisite courses alongside Lucy Wigmore, Eden Allsworth, Bronwen Jenkins, Ashley Hellowell and Tom Hamblet.

The service throughout the evening was provided by Westminster Kingsway College students who were trained by Sodexo earlier in the day. The students involved did such a great job that some were offered jobs by attendees in the room - a brilliant representation of the superb service standards displayed.

The evening raised a fantastic £23,000. This impressive total will help address the hospitality industry skills shortage and continue to encourage young students towards careers in hospitality through Springboard’s FutureChef.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters for making this event possible.

ciaran liddy

"I'd encourage anyone with an interest in catering to enter this competition!! I had an interest in cooking and entered FutureChef in 2015. The amount of experience I got was unbelievable and it has taught me lots. It has even helped me secure my first job!"
- Ciaran Liddy, FutureChef National Finalist 2015


katie cooper

"I competed in FutureChef 2015 and 2016 where I made it to the Regional Final. I enjoy all types of cooking and love to try new combinations of flavours and learn new skills. I really enjoyed working with my mentor Jack (ISS Food and Hospitality), he was extremely helpful and gave me tips that I’m sure I’ll never forget. One day I would like to have my own restaurant.”
- Katie Cooper, Regional Finalist 2016. Katie has spent a day in the kitchen at Purnell’s Restaurant and in the Summer will be spending time at Carters of Moseley. She will start her 3 year course with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts as an apprentice at UCB in September!


courtney mcdowall

“FutureChef has given me lots of confidence and I have learned so much. I now have some new skills and have learned about different cooking techniques.”
- Courtney McDowall, FutureChef Runner-up 2016. Through FutureChef Courtney was offered work experience at Glasgow Council. She will begin studying Professional Cooking full time in September at City of Glasgow College. Courtney recently began working at Italian restaurant ‘Bella Vita’.