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Springboard's Ultra Challenge


ONE TARGET OF £100,000

Test your limits - take on the challenge!

  • 5 stage event set in Sweden
  • Cross 230km of snow and ice race
  • True test of endurance as you battle the frosty elements of this course
  • February 2019 
  • 5 stage event set in the Dry heat of the Namibian desert
  • 250km run
  • Cross dry river beds and huge dune elds with volcanoes and mountains
  • 20th November 2017
  • 5 stage event set in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal.
  • 220km run
  • A test of the spirit, mind and body with a total of 38,000ft of vert and peaks of over 8000ft in height
  • Date to be confirmed
  • 5 stage event set in the Amazon jungle.
  • 230km run
  • Tough jungle trails, mountain roads and village tracks from the 10,500ft of Cloud Forest to the magnificent Amazon jungle
  • 3rd June 2018

Get Involved

To take part in Springboard's Ultra Challenge you will be required to pay a registration fee of £2,000 per race which must be paid 3 months prior to departure.

By taking part in the challenge you will commit to a fundraising target of £3,500 per race.

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