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Who does Springboard's TREK help?

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Everyone can benefit from Springboard’s TREK. From the young, disadvantaged villagers deep in the Bornean jungles, to those with barriers to employment throughout the UK, TREK prides itself on helping people in need across the world. But how exactly does it help?

In Borneo it’s simple. The TREKKERS – a 40-strong team of intrepid explorers – will navigate the unexplored forests, ancient rivers and mountains fells of the island nation, to reach a small, remote village where they will build a school, using only primitive tools and sheer determination. The village in question, Dunsun Sangai, has no access to formal education – with the closest establishment over 240 kilometres away.

Back in the UK, every single penny raised will go towards helping young and disadvantaged people in the UK to work through their issues that are keeping them from employment – giving them the tools needed to forge a rewarding career within hospitality.

But TREK doesn’t just help young and disadvantaged people. There are a myriad of ways that the expedition helps businesses too. Through helping those less fortunate than themselves, businesses can achieve their CSR goals by raising money for the industry’s charity.

It also helps to boost your employer brand, highlighting companies that not only give back to the community, but also to their staff. This in turn helps boost productivity and happiness, by offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for outstanding work. When it comes to the trek itself, the journey engenders teamwork in everyone involved, giving them the chance to overcome mental and physical barriers together – developing their leadership and interpersonal skills. Aside from that, it helps cultivate strong industry connections that will last a lifetime.

With all these positives coming from the TREK, what reasons could you have not to take part? Head to springboard.uk.net/TREK to find out even more reasons to sign up, and then take the plunge.

The Anawim Centre - a Haven for Women in Need

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By Andi Hardy - Springboard Programme Manager

Today I attended one of the most heartwarming events I think I have ever attended. The Anawim Awards. 

The Anawim Centre’s key objective is to help women overcome problems or obstacles that adversely affect their lives, with the overriding aim that they achieve their goals and reach their full potential. This centre is a hub for these women, a safe place for them to grow, develop, to learn new skills and to face their challenges with the support of the amazing Anawim staff. 

I have been lucky enough to be invited into Anawim to provide an Introduction to Hospitality Course, funded by the Jabbs Foundation – who are massive supporters of the centre and are part of the reason as to its success. 

This course is all about building core skills such as team building, confidence and public speaking but wrapped around the subject of hospitality. Every task we did in group was designed to develop these skills and open up the world of hospitality to them and make the ladies aware that they could have a successful career in the industry. 

Today I witnessed sheer determination, grit & strength. I watched women cry on stage as they thanked Anawim for their support, I listened to stories of abuse, marginalisation, depression, loss of children and so much more but the happy ending in all of these stories – Anawim. These women may not be perfect, in fact they may have only just started their journey with Anawim – but my goodness they are onto a great & powerful journey of discovery, self-belief and confidence. 

To the ladies I have worked with – please know that you are bright, beautiful and brilliant. You’re journey in 6 short weeks has been phenomenal to say the least and I know that you will continue to grow with the support of Anawim. I am honoured to have worked with you and to have met you.

Now today I didn’t read my prepared speech because I was too overcome with emotion and taken in by the marvellous stories –  but I have included this here as I feel that everyone should see how much this course has meant to me and the activities that the ladies have undertaken with tenacity and enthusiasm.

Anawim thank you - for everything you do. Services like yours are changing the world one woman at a time.

Grayson's 10-year anniversary!

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We had a wonderful evening at Christ Church, Spitalfields on the 22nd of June, where we celebrated 10 fantastic years of inspiring people to create delicious food!

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