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Shanella's Biggest Challenge - Hospitality Futures

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Shanella had always dreamed of becoming an air hostess, but after a spell of unemployment starting in 2016, her confidence was severely knocked. In October 2017, she joined the Hospitality Futures programme, in an attempt to regain her confidence and begin a long, fulfilling career in hospitality.

A lack of confidence seemed to be Shanella’s biggest challenge. It was clear from the outset that she was introverted, and was often overcritical of her own performance. Fortunately, with some gentle encouragement she began to open up to the team, taking charge of her education and even making new friends on the course. Step-by-step, the Hospitality Futures programme helped her to break through her barriers.

At the end of the programme, Shanella had made leaps and bounds in her performance and confidence. Not only did she show passion and determination within the course itself, but also by taking a lead role in our graduation day – presenting in front of over 70 people at the ceremony.

After completing the course, Shanella undertook a two-week work placement at the Park Plaza Riverbank. After recognising her untapped potential, the four-star hotel offered her a position as a receptionist, a role that she eagerly accepted.

All of this was possible through our IntoWork programmes – including Hospitality Futures – which are all made possible by our generous funders and charity events.