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Pavlo raises £4,100 for Springboard in London Marathon

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                            Pavlo with his medal, after completing the race in 4:15h.

At Springboard, we’re fortunate – and grateful – for the support we receive from not only businesses, but also from individuals across the UK. Last Sunday, Pavlo Poluektov (General Manager of BaxterStorey) ran the London Marathon in aid of Springboard, raising an incredible £4,100 – completing the race in an impressive 4:15h – non-stop!

We spoke to Pavlo about what drove him to compete in the London Marathon, and why he chose to support Springboard – more than doubling his original fundraising goal of £2,000!

What inspired you to run a marathon in the first place?

"The thing about marathons is that they are psychologically and physically tough – but that’s also part of what makes them such incredible experiences. You can’t just turn up to run the race, or bluff your way through it. You have to work seriously hard, and dig deep physically and mentally, if you are going to complete it. You have to earn the right to be called a marathon runner – that’s what makes it so special. Whatever happens in your life, from the moment you cross the finish line, you will have always run a marathon - it is yours forever."

What made you choose the London Marathon? 

"I’ve always admired those who have completed the London Marathon. I’m fortunate to have known a few people close to my heart, who have done it for various charities and for various reasons. Think about it – what other major sporting event can you compete in, where the top athletes of their field, are taking part alongside first time runners? Okay, you may not be running alongside them – or if you do, it won’t be for long – but you are taking part on the same day, the same course, the same distance and under the same conditions as they are. That is quite something. 

"So, while in Nepal in March 2017 on a charity trek, I was talking to Anne Pierce (the CEO of The Springboard Charity) and she asked me what would be my next life challenge or project. I replied, 'maybe, one day, the London Marathon'. Anne then said, 'I may grant your wish – let’s wait till we get back to London'. Soon afterward, I learnt from Anne that I had a place to run the London Marathon 2018, on behalf of the charity – the first time in history of the Springboard. I am the first one!"

What made you want to support the Springboard Charity?

"Having reached my 40th year – a big mile stone – I strongly felt that, in order to go further and do better, that I wanted to contribute more to the world – share my skills, my knowledge, and what I’ve learnt with people, especially those less fortunate than I am. With this in mind, I entered a competition with my employer, BaxterStorey in October 2016, and won a place on a charity trek in Nepal in March 2017 – organized by The Springboard Charity. Through various fundraising activities, I raised close to £5000 for Springboard on that particular occasion. Having seen first-hand to what difference the Charity makes in people’s lives, I want to stay on board and assist further."

If you’ve been inspired by Pavlo, and would like to fundraise for us in the future, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.