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Trek to Little Tibet, Penny's Weekly Blog No. 4

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Hello there! End of week 4 and a pretty busy week at that.

W/C Monday 5th -11th January 2015

The first week back at work after the Christmas holidays is always hard but add in training and fundraising you’ve got yourself quite a packed schedule.


I must admit on Sunday I felt pretty shattered, I hit the first week back hard. I started on Monday with a circuits class at The Bridge Gym. I was the only one in the class! This worked out pretty well actually a great one on one session with the lovely Fathia. I’m hoping I can at least do one full press up by the time I go!

On Tuesday I went along a Pilates class with Anne our CEO run by ‘A Balanced Life’. The class was very different to anything I’d ever done before, really different to what you might call ‘normal’ Pilates classes. In this class we used all different types of equipment to strengthen and stretch, including something called the spine corrector… not as terrifying as it sounds. This class was very small, only 4 people and our teacher was absolutely brilliant she was able to really focus on what areas we needed to work on individually. A massive thanks to Alex and Tori! We’ve got another class tonight and really looking forward to it, more updates on our new found flexibility in blog 5.

During the rest of the week I attended a couple more classes at The Bridge Gym including Body Conditioning x 2, I don’t think ever done as many lunges in one week in my life! All to strengthen the legs though so I can’t complain too much and finished off with a run and a Legs, Bums and Tums class at the Fusion Gym in Forest Hill on Saturday.


Following last week’s detox soup I kept it green by making a pre-gym salad. I didn’t actually use a recipe this week, an Amatt original if you like; Quinoa, butterbean and courgette with lemon and parsley. (Picture 1) But you’ve always got to have a little treat at the weekend. This week’s was a platter from the Yalla Yalla pop-up in Shoreditch on Saturday night for a friend’s birthday and a Caramel and Nutella brownie cup on Sunday from Timberyard- great place for a coffee too.



Exciting news! As part of my fundraising I have decided to do ‘Shifts for charity’. Now, it’s been a while since I did any waitressing but I’ve definitely not lost my touch… I hope. I have been in contact with some of our business partners to ask whether I can work a shift, any position, any department where my wages for that shift will go towards my fundraising target. I’m happy to say that a couple have actually taken me up on the offer! I’ll let you know over the next few weeks who I will be working with but the first will be with Lexington Catering! So a HUGE thank you to the team there.

If anyone would like to ‘hire’ me for a shift please do let me know!

And finally we had our second trekers information evening, where we got to meet all of the other people joining myself Ellen and Anne. All very exciting and lots of brillaint fundraising ideas bouncing around. (Picture 2)

saladTrek meeting 3

See you next week!

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Virgin Money Giving: http://tinyurl.com/pqstbkr

Information on the trek: springboard.uk.net/events/fundraising/little-tibet